i hate it when ur swatting a fly away and u accidentally touch it

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Angus and Julia Stone. <3 Aren’t they just both the sexiest things ever?

Idk what I am doing with myself

Successful makeup organizing.

This is my favorite picture of River Song and the 10th doctor. This just makes me so happy. The doctor looks like he is just having the time of his life and River looks so serious. The chemistry is amazing. #doctorwho #thedoctor #riversong #sonicscrewdriver #socute #tenthdoctor #whovian

Meow meow meow meow

I am a present, today.

Reunited with my lovely Grandpa. I missed him a whole bunch. #family #starbucks #grandpa #loveyou

Homecoming 2013 with everyone! Such a night!

I wish I could share more pictures but sadly most of them are on my actual camera!
Last night wasn’t the easiest night of my life to be honest. I didn’t have the greatest time. My intentions were to but sadly I couldn’t figure it out. Still appreciate every bit of it, though! Glad I spent it with one of my favorite people. Thank you. <3

My nails are really pretty!

Bored selfie yo

I love my work. #shake #lovethis #Frischs #work #yum

Good morning. <3